Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our in season weekly or bi-weekly pool maintenance program includes the following:

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance


  • Net surface, brush tile line and vacuum pool. Check and adjust chemicals as needed.
  • Empty pump & skimmer baskets.
  • Weekly maintenance rates start at $80.00 per/week + chemicals and go up from there depending on locale & pool size.
  • Bi-weekly maintenance starts at $85.00 per visit + chemicals.
  • Chemicals are sold to you in bulk, 25lb containers (Alkalinity / pH / Tabs) which remain onsite for us to use for maintenance. They are replaced as needed. We carry liquid chlorine, salt & needed specialty chemicals on our trucks, readily available.

Chemical Checks $45.00

We come out and test/balance water bi-weekly or monthly

Off Season/Winter Maintenance

Caretaker service for your pool in the off season

During the off season pools fill back up from all the rain & precipitation. You can have peace of mind over the winter months knowing that we check on water levels and make sure the winter covers are secure. When needed, we will pump the pool down to protect coping and tile from ice damage and overflowing. We pre-treat the pools with shock at this time to help keep the water clear as possible for the upcoming opening season.

Call us at (508) 258-0099 or email us today about your swimming pool maintenance needs.

Maintenance Service for Residential Pools Only