Pool Opening & Closing Service

Get your pool ready for Summer or winterize your swimming pool. Our competitively priced swimming pool opening and closing services include the following:

Pool Opening

Pool Opening Service

Openings $385.00

  • Includes 1 return visit only (if needed)
  • Remove, fold and put cover in bag. Screw down deck grommets.
  • Reinstall deck equipment (ladder & rail).
  • Make sure all drain plugs are replaced in pump, filter, heater, booster pump, pool cleaners, etc.
  • Remove winterizing plugs from the skimmer and the return lines
  • Prime the pump and then turn on the circulation and filtration system
  • Add shock & chemicals, billed additionally as needed
  • Brush entire pool & vac if water quality allows
  • Attached hot tubs additional $150.00

**** Please Note****
Return visits after openings needed due to poor water quality are billed separately as service calls! We include only 1 return visit! Poor quality winter covers are to blame for this and we are not responsible for “Swamp” water upon opening.

Pool Closing

Pool Closing Service

Closings $385.00

  • Drain pool water level down
  • Remove ladders & rails. Raise deck grommets for cover
  • Blow out & plug all lines & filtration
  • Add needed winter chemicals, billed additionally as needed.
  • Install winter cover
  • We carry a full line of winterization products (plugs, skimmer Gizmo’s, antifreeze etc.) on our trucks.

Call us at (508) 258-0099 or email us today for a free estimate on opening and closing your swimming pool.